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Who We Are

We’re Professionals Who’ve Been There…

Our Team has been on all sides of the table when it comes to physician appearances in front of medical boards, hospital executive committees, shareholder meetings, depositions and court appearances. 

And what we’ve learned from our more than eight decades of combined work is this: Being right simply is not enough. That’s right… let us say this again, “Being Right is Not Enough.”

In patient care, doing the right this is the intrinsic path you follow, and you expect that commitment to your values and your training will be support you in most any endeavor. It won’t

When you step in front any any group whose job is to evaluate your actions as well as your intentions and motivations, the facts as presented are only one facet of information they will gather about you. They will make judgements based on how you speak, how you dress, your mannerisms, your tone of address, your ability to see their reasoning as well as the reasoning of anyone speaking against you. 

Facts, are only a part of your presentation and interaction, and that’s how we will help you. 

Team Members:

Kyle Ulveling, M.D., FACC, of Carroll, a physician member of the Iowa Board of Medicine, is a cardiologist at the Iowa Heart Center in Carroll, IA. He was appointed to the Board in 2015 and 2018. He is the Board chairperson and serves on the Executive and Licensure committees.  Learn More About Doctor Ulveling…

Brian Wilson, D.O., of Spencer, a physician member of the Board, is an obstetrician-gynecologist at Northwest Iowa Surgeons in Spencer, IA. He was appointed to the Iowa Board of Medicine  in 2017. He serves on the Monitoring and Screening committees.  Learn More About Dr. Wilson…


Robert F. Priddy, President, RFP Physician Career Services, LLC. Bob has 20 years in hospital and healthcare administration coupled with more than 15 years providing professional career development and management services to physicians. Learn More About Robert Priddy…

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